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Gold Canyon Turquoise Mine

Sonoran Blue Gold Canyon Turquoise is an interesting turquoise from Senora, Mexico, near Nogales, Arizona and its neighbor: Nogales, Mexico, which is the northernmost point in all of Mexico. The series of mines bearing this name are on several sites contingent to the American border. Very little hard natural material has been mined here. Most has needed stabilizing to be useful. The high grade natural material is a medium blue, with darker blue matrix, forming a “birds eye” pattern. This is usually accompanied by iron pyrite, giving it a similar look to a high grade Morenci. The high grade turquoise from this mine is rare and is considered both esoteric and valuable.
Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon

This unusual and rare natural turquoise is from Senora, Mexico. It is watermarked and contains pyrite. These are large pieces perfect for cabs or carving.
Gold Canyon $10.00  per gram choose quantity:  grams

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