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Altar Stones

I have been working and living among the Hopi and Zuni Pueblos for over thirty-eight years, bringing to them goods needed for both ceremonial use as well as arts and crafts. Wholesale inquiries welcome, please contact us. Please email me if you have any questions. I also carry Hopi ceremonial rattles and parrot feathers. All stones are hand polished and/or tumbled. Prices may vary depending on quality, all prices are approximate. Stones are cut to fit in the palm of your hand. Most materials also available in archtypal animal carvings (by Native American carvers). Most materials available in the rough for jewelers by going to our Raw Materials. Please be aware the stone you receive may not be identical to the one pictured due to the unique nature of each stone and because each stone is hand cut and polished. Each altar stone is of the highest quality, however if you are not satisfied with the one you receive you are invited to exchange for a different one.

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