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This beautiful material originates from China and is available in a rough finish. The colour range is pink, purple, green blue and yellow. This is an all natural material with a Mohs hardness of 4. Chinese fluorite is excellent for cabochons, faceted stones and carving.

This mineral has been located virtually on every continent of our planet. Color ranges from clear to purple, green, orange, to nearly black. It has perfect cleavage. It is thought that fluorite can help one in decision making, by reducing emotional involvement in a situation in order to gain a more accurate perspective. It also prepares the physical body for a greater integration of the life force, particularly the indigo and purple rays. This is a period of fundamental change in human evolution... a time of greater spiritual awakening. Fluorite can help us adjust to this change.


Flourite $5.00  per oz. choose quantity:  oz

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