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Tiger Eye

Formed from hawk’s eye through pseudomorphism of croridolite in quartz, keeping the fibrous structure, which is actually asbestos. The golden yellow color is formed by iron. The overall look is chatoyant with a silky luster. The most important deposit is in South Africa, with other finds in Australia, Burma, and India.

Tiger eye carries a message of resolution, creating a balance between what is known and what is felt; also offers greater insight into our life path, by drawing us deep into a meditative state to find our place between the mind and the heart. This stone can help to lead us on a journey into self in an effort to discover how best to manifest our light on this planet. This stone does not alter the energy field in any way; it is a meditative journey. It says: "stand in the eye of the storm of confusion for a better perspective of one’s destiny.
Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

SiO2 silicon dioxide
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