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Coral Specimens

Coral is calcium carbonate combined with magnesia and organic substance. We offer high quality natural red mediterranean coral. The materials listed here are all either very limited in quantity or of rare or superb quality. Eash specimen is a unique piece. Specimens that still have the outer calcium coating can easily have it removed upon request to reveal the deep red coral underneath, at no additional cost. All prices are approximate, depending on the weight, quality, colour and availability of each piece. Prices are subject to change without notice, based on supply and exchange rates.

Also, don't miss our rough coral, beads, ready to string, cabochons ready to set and finished coral jewelry!

Please contact us for quantity prices on any of the materials listed below. For more information or questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

Coming Soon! Under Construction...

Please contact us in the mean time, as we can most likely fulfill your needs from our large stock of specimens.

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