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20 Tales & Images from Gem Trader Jeff Lewis Stories from a Trader's Life - Get Stories and Chapters

Jewelry & Neckwear

Natural Turquoise, Coral, Pearl, Gemstone and Silver Jewelry

All of our jewelry is Native American hand made by Navajo silversmiths, and of the highest quality with beautiful natural turquoise, mediterranean coral and gemstones set in heavy guage sterling silver. Many pieces are one of a kind, hand selected for their distinct beauty, character and quality stones.

Jeff has an extensive collection of rare and exotic materials including natural turquoise, mediterranean coral, amber, lapis, sugilite, pearl, variscite and more handmade into beads. In designing his neckwear, Jeff incorporates skill, knowledge and an intimate feeling, all accumulated from decades of world travel, intense studies of history and anthropology, as well as from his many, many years of living and trading among the people of the southwest. Jeff's designs and use of exotic materials are unique, inspired from ancient styles and motifs. Each of his creations is one of a kind, and has a timeless feeling that always brings joy to the wearer.

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