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20 Tales & Images from Gem Trader Jeff Lewis Stories from a Trader's Life - Get Stories and Chapters


The largest producer of this material today is Zaire, so far as quantity and quality, although some of the world’s most beautiful chatoyant material comes from Bisbee, Arizona. Prior to the discovery in Zaire, the most important deposits used to be in the Ural mountains, near Swerd-lowsk, where the Russian tsars would procure it for use as wall paneling for their castles.

Occurring in or near copper ore deposits, malachite was popular with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for jewelry and amulets; used historically as a powder for eye shadow, it was considered a preventive of eye disease. Malachite is said to isolate distortions or shadows in the light system that are responsible for a particular physical manifestation, and draw the energy of the disharmony into and through its own energy vibration, helping to change the nature of the disharmony itself. Change and transition is the key to malachite.


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