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Ruby In Zoicite

Ruby In Zoicite
This beautiful material originates from Tanzania, Africa, and is available in a rough finish. Colour range is bright green with red and purple spots and black flecks. This is an all natural material with a Mohs hardness of 6.5. Ruby in Zoicite is an excellent material for cabochons, carving and beadmaking.

The mineral zoicite was first found in the mountains of Austria in 1805, and originally was called saualpite. In 1954 in Tanzania, zoicite (called Masai anyolite in its native language) was found, with black hornblends inclusions and large, opaque rubies. The blending of two powerful healers, ruby in zoicite communicates the idea of building a strong foundation of love within, enabling this love to grow and expand outward. This stone is excellent for those holding on to fear, helping to cultivate a deep, soul-level trust in the process of life; assists in balancing an over-reactive emotional nature. Zoicite enhances integrity, confidence, optimism, growth, and abundance. It greatly benefits the entire energetic network of body/mind, helping to regenerate and rejuvenate cells, tissues and organs; stimulates the sexual chakra and strengthens the life-force. Ruby is connected to the heart chakra and helps us breathe through emotional pain.
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