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Madagascar Labradorite

Madagascar Labradorite
This beautiful fiery high grade material originates from Madagascar and is available in a rough finish. There is a grey host stone with bright flashes of blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple. This is an all natural material with a Mohs hardness of 6. Labradorite is excellent for inlay, cabochons, bead-making and carving.

Originally found in 1770 on the Canadian Peninsula of Labrador, this material also occurs in Madagascar, Finland, Mexico, Russia and Australia. It is a feldspar whose play of colors is probably caused by interferences of light on twinned lamellae. It is said that in ancient Atlantis labradorite was considered a mirror to the soul. It stirs long dormant memories of our connections with the past, and shows us the light within. It also indicates a strong soul connection to the star system Sirius.
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