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 Joe R. Tom Kingman Turquoise

Joe R. Tom Kingman Turquoise

This Joe R. Tom bracelet is classic vintage Navajo silver smithing. The turquoise is some of the rarest from Kingman, Arizona: black spider web. Bracelet measures 5 3/4 inches around the inside with a 1 in. gap. The stone weight is 30 cts.
Joe R. Tom Kingman Turquoise $950.00  per piece

Turquoise > Rough Turquoise & Raw Variscite

Darlene Darling

Darlene Darling

Found by Richard Williams while working cattle in 1930s; unlikely to produce more turquoise, as area owned by a gold company; later owned by Joe Barredo (circa 1968); Joe's daughter Darlene was a married, pregnant 22 year old hen she suffered a heart...
Darlin Darlene $5.00  per gram choose quantity:  grams

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